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KDKA Pittsburgh (8XK Forest Hills) Pennsylvania - May 1st, 1925

The verification letter, a wonderful piece of broadcasting history and one of the highlights in the collection, is in excellent condition. 

Dated 1st May, 1925 and signed by KDKA Programme Director George Dare Fleck, the letter confirmed the reception on April 19th, 1925 from Mr. W. J. Atterton who lived in Bedford Park, London, United Kindom.

The reception also occurred a week before on April 12th, 1925 and was most likely from the KDKA shortwave relay station 8XK, Forest Hills which was quite widely reported at the time (apart from the possible reception from KDKA's mediumwave transmitter, nearby 2LO also relayed KDKA at times). My thanks and appreciation to Jerry Berg for kindly providing valuable feedback in connection with the QSL letter. 

" W - Westinghouse Electric " watermark.

W. J. Atterton

Mr W. J. Atterton (who lived 10 miles from broadcast station 2LO) began his wireless experiences in September 1923 and was an enthusiastic experimental constructor of crystal sets including the one valve set (pictured below).

Two of his designs with detailed descriptions appeared in the March 22nd, 1924 and June 28th, 1924 editions of Amateur Wireless.

I was fortunate to obtain a few Amateur Wireless pages which included the two early radio constructor's well described articles with diagrams alongside original photographs of receiving equipment and his antenna (pictured below) with associated pay slips which were kindly included with the QSL letter.

Mr Atterton's Victorian terrace home (just to the left of the street lamp pole) still stands today (Google Street View).

Additional items from the W J Atterton collection are available by clicking onto the relevant links below :

Receiver and Antenna Photographs (W J Atterton) c 1924

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