Friday, June 19, 2015

ITALY 2RO Rome - 1935

The Unione Radiofonica Italiana (URI) was formed in 1924 with the backing of the Marconi Company. 

On the 5th October, 1924 the URI inaugural broadcast commenced with a speech by Benito Mussolini at Teatro Costanzi. Regular programming began the following evening. 

On the 17th November 1927, the URI was succeeded by the partially nationalised Ente Italiano per le Audizioni Radiofoniche (EIAR). 

The QSL card verified the reception of 2RO, Rome on the 9th April 1935, from Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. 

German paratroopers in front of the entrance to the EIAR headquarters in Rome (photograph 1943 - Wikimedia Commons).

In 1944 the EIAR was converted into the Radio Audizioni Italiane (RAI)

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