Monday, May 18, 2015

WGY Shenectady New York - 1926

WGY commenced broadcasting on the 2nd February 1922 with the announcement : 

" This is Station WGY, W, the first letter in Wireless, G, the first letter in General Electric and Y, the last letter in Schenectady ".

The station initially operated on 833 kHz with a power of 1500 watts. Owned by General Electric until 1983,  it is the 12th-oldest US commercial station still on the air.

Some interesting firsts :

The first radio drama (The Wolf - August 1922).

The first use of a condenser microphone.

The first station to help solve a crime (the kidnapping of Ernst Alexanderson's six year old son in 1923).

The first station to market its own food product.

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