Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GERMANY DJB Zeesen - 1935

Germany's first international broadcast occurred from Zeesen on August 26, 1929. With the callsign DJA, the station operated on a frequency of 9560 kHz with a power of 8 kilowatts and identified as "Deutscher Kurzwellensender" (German Shortwave Transmitter). 

By 1932 a second transmitter had been installed. 

The following callsigns and frequencies were used :

DJC (6020 kHz)

DJA (9560 hKz)

DJD (11760 kHz)

DJL (15110 kHz)

DJB (15200 Khz)

DJE (17760 kHz)

The QSL card verified the reception of DJB on 15200 kHz, heard  on the 8th December 1935 in New York, N.Y., U.S.A. 

Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellschaft ("Zeesen") 78 rpm Recording

Beginning from around 1935, the station also replied to listener letters with a small (4 inch) 78 rpm record. Click here for scans of the record, together with mp3 files of the audio, available at the On The website.

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