Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WRVA Richmond Virginia - 1927

WRVA commenced broadcasting on the 2nd November 1925. 

The station was owned by Larus and Brother Company (manufacturers of Edgeworth tobacco) and initially broadcast two evenings a week.

In 1925 WRVA transmitted from the top of the Larus and Brother Company building situated in Richmond (photograph circa 1925 from the WRVA 25th anniversary brochure).

Click here for another photograph (circa 1925) of the Larus and Brother building, including an mp3 audio clip of the beginning of the WRVA 25th anniversary programme, available at the website.

The WRVA transmitting room in 1925 (photograph from the WRVA 25th anniversary brochure).

The QSL letter, dated 5th November, 1927, verified the reception report of WRVA's anniversay programme (celebrating two years of broadcasting). WRVA operated on 256 metres (1170 khz) with a power of 1000 watts at the time of the reception in Syracuse, New York. According to the post script at the bottom of the letter, a package of tobacco was to follow.

" P.S. Your package of tobacco will be mailed in a few days. You certainly deserve this little souvenir ".  

The station changed frequency to 1110 khz and increased power to 5000 watts in 1929. 

In 1939 WRVA increased power to 50 kilowatts and moved to the present frequency of 1140 khz.

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