Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WHT Deerfield, Illinois - 1926

WHT commenced broadcasting on April 28th, 1925 from an elaborate studio facility situated in the north section of the impressive Wrigley building in Chicago.

The Wrigley Building in Chicago (photograph Wikimedia Commons).

The station was owned by The Radiophone Broadcasting Corporation (the callsign referred to the former flamboyant mayor of Chicago, William H. Thompson) and operated with a 5000 watt Western Electric transmitter located at Deerfield.

According to the QSL card (date stamped January 25, 1926) WHT operated on two frequencies : 

400 metres (750 kHz) every day of the week at various times. 

238 metres (1260 kHz) Tuesday to Saturday from 7:45 pm to 9:15pm.

In 1930 the callsign was changed to WCHI (referring to the first three letters of Chicago). 

In 1932 WCHI had to shut down in favour of cochannel station WCKY, Cincinnati (which had been authorised to operate full time by the FRC). 

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