Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4th Annual Chicago Radio Show Poster Stamp - 1925

"Coliseum Show To Be Climax Of Expositions"

The 4th Annual Chicago Radio Show promised to be quite a spectacular event, according to the newpaper article introduced by the above headline from the Chicago Tribune, dated September 20, 1925. 

Apart from new coils, condensers and tuning devices, new radio sets "designed to appeal to those who want radio to harmonise with other home surroundings" were to be featured. 

In addition to the display of sets, parts and accessories, one of the most up to date broadcasting stations in the country at the time had been installed and arrangements had been made for "the largest hookup of radio stations ever attempted in the middle west". 

An attempt at the longest and most continuous radio programme with leading radio stars was to take place. Guests would be able to view their favourite stars performing behind the microphone before returning home to listen to the rest of the programme. 

A "magnetic" kitchen would include a demonstration of boiling water inside a tea kettle and the frying of eggs. Both tasks were to be conducted by radio (perhaps an early r.f. concept of the microwave oven - GD).

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